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Welcome to my website/portfolio. Inspired for my love of video games and older sites. It will continue to be updated as I search for a job.

I am an aspiring programmer looking for his first break in the industry. If you know of any opportunities let me know!

Things about me:

  • Currently living in Salt Lake City.
  • My main programming language is Javascript(learning Typescript + Rust).
  • I am a former Air Traffic Controller.
  • I love traveling and making stained glass windows.
  • I hate tomatoes.
  • I am a dual US/UK citizen.
  • I spend most of my time either on my computer or learning new things.
  • My favorite food are french fries.
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☪ Does It Go 2 - Typescript

My main project. A reimagining of Does It Go, utilizing React, Typescript, and Firebase. Expanding the userbase from pragliding/speedflyers to ALL outdoor enthusiasts. Get multiple forecasts for different locations on ONE page that you can tailor to your specific outdoor needs.

☪ Does It Go

A full stack PERN database app that displays weather conditions for multiple paragliding launch points on one page. This eliminates the need to hop to several different forecasts to find a flyable launch.

☪ River Romper Cabin Rentals

A static webpage to advertise cabin rentals in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. My first paid professional web design project. Fully responsive and made with direction and input from client.

☪ The Catacombs

The very site you are on right now! Made as a little test of basic HTML and CSS skills. I went with a retro video game vibe bacause thats the look I enjoy most and I think is super unique, especially in today's world of modern websites.